Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What's the purpose of myWeatherSpot?

myWeatherSpot was originally designed to provide sailors with the excellent information available from the US agency NOAA/NWS (National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, and the National Weather Service), but in a simpler, easier to access format. For many locations, data from NOAA includes wind and wave forecasts, as well as the usual temperatures and precipitation forecasts. It soon became obvious that all outdoor enthusiasts would benefit from this information.

What region does myWeatherSpot cover?

myWeatherSpot provides weather data for all regions covered by the US agency NOAA/NWS. This covers the US and US territories, as well as their coastal waters.

What is a spot weather forecast?

The forecasts provided are very localized. After setting a marker and viewing the forecast for that location, try a spot a few miles away for comparison.

Are the forecasts accurate?

Many US based forecast services use the NOAA/NWS data as their source or starting point. However, no weather forecast is ever completely accurate, and users should not rely on such information for accuracy. There is a wealth of information on the NOAA/NWS site about all aspects of weather, and myWeatherSpot users are encouraged to visit the NOAA/NWS public weather site,

How does myWeatherSpot "remember" my location?

myWeatherSpot uses browser cookies to keep track your last location request. If myWeatherSpot is not remembering your location, check your browser preferences. "Allow cookies" should be enabled in the settings if you wish to enable this feature.

How long does it take to generate a spot forecast?

myWeatherSpot uses data generated by NOAA/NWS in real time, as well as other web API's to create a web page. Forecasts are usually generated in less than a second. How quickly a myWeatherSpot page is generated that depends on the speed of your internet connection, and the speed of the outside API's. This could take several seconds, usually less than 2 seconds. If you are experiencing long load times, please try again later.

How does the "Find my Location" button work?

The "Find my Location" button uses your browser and device's location functionality. With older browsers, this may not work, and you may need to update your browser. Also, on mobile devices (smart phones and tablets), you may need to set your preferences to allow location services within your browser. On the iPhone and iPad, this is done in settings: privacy: location services: safari: (on)